[SAVE THE DATE] Receiving a “Warrior Makeover” on March 4th by Hidden Warriors During OC Fashion Week!

As many of you may already know, when I was 19, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – a Life-changing event of epic proportions (and of which, only five percent survive). For the next year and a half, my Life was spent undergoing (and recovering) from two surgeries, and as a result, I suffered from depression, and a number of self-esteem and body image issues that I have since learned to deal with.

Photographer: Dwayne Jenkins, Styling by Me

However, this post is not about my experience with cancer (though if you’re curious, you can read more *here*), it’s about an innovative non-profit organization organization called “Hidden Warriors,” which “[works cooperatively with avant-garde makeup artists, stylists, costume creators, yoga and meditation instructors, occupational therapists, and other creative volunteers and organizations, to provide free “warrior makeovers” to women who have been affected by cancer.] These makeover experiences are designed to increase self-esteem and confidence, reduce stress, and empower women in the fight for their lives.”

One of Hidden Warriors’ “Warrior Makeovers”

I am very pleased to announce that I was selected by Hidden Warriors to receive a “Warrior Makeover” which will take place on a glass catwalk during OC Fashion Week on March 4, 2015!!

Not only will I walk down a runway with my fellow cancer-surviving lady warriors, but this event will give me a chance to continue to inspire other cancer survivors (and those currently battling cancer) to embrace their beauty, strengths, and passions, and prove that Life after cancer can be beautiful beyond imagination.

To be a part of something that validates and uplifts cancer survivors in such a moving, and beautifully, creative way is an absolute honor, and I hope that you all will join us during OC Fashion Week as I grace the Avant-Garde glass catwalk!

The event will take place at AnQi Gourmet Bistro & Noodle Bar in Costa Mesa (at the South Coast Plaza), and the show starts at 10pm.

Watch the Hidden Warriors promotional video below:

Editor’s Note: Heartfelt thanks to Hidden Warriors’ creator Marlene Sarli for having such an amazing spirit and vision, and for including me in on it! I can’t wait to let my “Hidden Warrior” inside, shine on the outside!

To purchase a ticket to the event or for more information on OC Fashion Week, visit:

The Hidden Warriors Mission:
By using multiple therapeutic modalities, Hidden Warriors aims to increase self-esteem in and empower women who have been affected by cancer. We will create an experiential and transformative adventure which will tap into the Hidden Warriors they already are.

With help from professional make-up artists, photographers, designers, yoga instructors, occupational therapists, headdress makers and other creatives, we will use various headdresses and face paint to tap into their Hidden Warrior powers. We will photograph and document the process of transforming their mood and body language. These photographs will then be presented at a series of gallery shows and published in book form and ultimately into a short documentary. We will be scaling the project to the New York City and tri-state areas, then nation-wide, and eventually worldwide. This therapy has the potential to benefit many groups of people, including victims of domestic violence, children in foster care, people suffering with low self-esteem, anxiety and/or depression, etc. It is limitless!


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[Style] SHE-Leopards Come Out At Night

“Trust no friend without faults, and love a woman, but no angel.” – Doris Lessing

Clothing Details:

Leopard-Print Jumper: IIF, Vintage
Shoes: Call It Spring
Purse: Vintage
Earrings: Sole Society

Spring Prediction: Dark Florals and Jewel Tones all the Rage!

“Black is a color that is man-made. It’s a projection of the brain. It’s a mind color. It’s intangible. It’s practical. And it works 24 hours a day.” – Massimo Vignell

Bonjour mes amours! It’s still summer here in California – if there’s even a such thing as “seasons” in L.A. (since it feels like summer all year long) – but nevertheless, once August arrives, I always relinquish my beach and volleyball dreams and welcome in visions of falling leaves, hot cocoa and beautifully, layered clothes.

However, Fall isn’t my favorite season just for the change in weather and the ability to stylishly bundle up. No, you know what else Fall brings? New York Fashion Week, and Spring predictions!

I usually don’t get too excited about trend forecasts because I believe it’s better to be stylish than “trendy” (as all trends eventually end) – but I’m particularly excited about all the new fashion that I expect will be “raging” on the New York runways in a few weeks.

Therefore, I took the liberty of creating an inspiration board of all the looks I believe influencers, bloggers and celebrities alike will be wearing in the coming months. I’ve also written a short description of each trend. Which one is your favorite?


Dark Florals + “Thrift Store”:

What I love about Dark Florals is they can be worn year-round, and unlike lighter-colored floral patterns, they easily transition from day to night – meaning you can go straight from work to dancing and cocktails. For this particular trend, I drew inspiration from the fine arts by way of Russian artist, Jenya Vyguzov (who created the mixed media floral collage). The dark floral trend is particularly intriguing to me because it’s feminine yet sexy – and many of these type of pieces can be found at Thrift Stores (which I heavily frequent) and which I also think will be a huge “look” next year.


Furthermore, according to Fashion Snoops, the “Artisanal” look (lace, fringe, embroidery, suede) is also going to be big. Now, as I said earlier, I don’t usually co-sign trends but I’m inclined to agree with this prediction simply because most of these pieces are retro or vintage-inspired. Therefore, if its “vintage-inspired,” that means that the real thing is probably out there at a thrift store somewhere and you can probably find a higher-quality (and higher value) original version of the current theme.
*Fashion Blogger Tip: Good-quality, staple “pieces” are always better to buy than “trendy” ones. You can wear them again and again, mix-and-match them with various items and they never get “outdated.” You what they say… Classic is timeless.

As far as colors, rich jewel tones such as burnt orange and teal will be on everyone’s hot list, but so will some warmer colors such as varying shades of yellow.

And I just can’t say it enough, what I love about all of these predictions is they can be worn year ’round! Check me out in the picture below. See, I’m already on trend! Catch you next Spring!


[Poetry + Style] Slowly Rocked Into Slumber

“Careful, the morning, lest it wake from slumber the city half-encumbered by the morning mist…” – John Geddes


I had originally intended for this to be a “Style” post, showcasing a particular outfit that I wore, but as I was sifting through the pictures, I realized that I didn’t really have all the necessary pictures. No close-up of the shoes, no detailed shots of the jewelry and no varying angles and shots of the dress…

And so I was left to ponder, “What am I to do with a few pretty pictures and an incomplete post?” Well mes amours, I shall bless you with these images and something more: a poem that I wrote years ago but never publicly shared. In this way, I guess this is my first merger of fashion and poetry – and since the two are both so near to my heart, perhaps it was intended to be. I believe that in some way, these images capture certain fragments of the essence I was trying to convey in the poem…  and so I’ll leave you to enjoy. Au revoir!


“Slowly Rocked Into Slumber” – © Brittany “Bella” Graham (2010)

Slowly rocked into slumber
By gentle words the sweeping wind carries into my bedchamber,
I hear echoes from distant lands, far away…
Soothing softly, reassuring there’s no danger,

Somehow telepathic
I close my eyes and see a stranger,
He opens up his arms to me,
And I cling to his frame like clothes on a hanger,

Somehow knowing
On reverse winds blowing,
Our destiny is intertwined,
On the intersecting paths we’re going,

Connection far, connection wide,
Across mountains and oceans
Somewhere you reside,

Rushing, racing
Towards the date two halves collide,
To make one whole,
And reach completion of our lives,

Vague is the face,
We’ll know each other by recognition in the eyes,
Somewhere is love,
Un-encountered, yet bound by ties,

You are… Somewhere in a city unknown,
I’m calling out to the wind
Please bring my lover home,

I sigh…such sweet anticipation of a future embrace,
The wind caresses my cheek, then suddenly vanishes…
Rushing out my window without a trace


[Style] A Vintage, Pastel Dream – #LJIFFF

Bonjour mes amours! This past weekend, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the 5th annual La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (LJIFFF) – and not only was it as beautiful as it had been the year before, it was even more special because this time I had the pleasure of being a part of it.

Not only did my Jacq & Bella partner, Jackie Chambers and I, curate and produce the Blogger & Media Lounge, but we also had the amazing opportunity of presenting our own panel, “Success in Social Media!” It was a glorious and fun weekend and I can’t wait to show off all of my amazing outfit changes! :) This first look is what I wore to present the panel during the first day (Thursday, July 24th) of the festival.


Dress: JT Petites (Vintage)
Earrings: Love Soundz Jewelry
Bracelets: Forever 21 and Fashion Trend
Sandals: Isola (Nordstrom)
Stackable Rings: H&M
Lipstick: Audrey (Matte) by NYX



LA Fashion Week – Day 2 (Project Ethos)

Bonjour mes amours! I neglected to mention in my previous post that although Style Fashion Week was the official designated “LA Fashion Week” – throughout the week there were also many independent shows and designers that presented in various venues across L.A.

Monday was the only day that I attended “Style Fashion Week” at Nokia Live – and for Day 2, I headed over to Project Ethos – which was held at the Avalon in Hollywood.

(Left to Right: Myself, Jackie of TgifGuide.com and our friend, Megan)

Again, I didn’t cover so much of the “designers” – as I was focused on the full on experience – but I still had a blast hanging out with my girl, Jackie, of TgifGuide.com, and watching Yacht (the scheduled entertainment for the night) perform. Actually, Yacht – who was absolutely AMAZING – just may have been the highlight of the night. On behalf of Project Ethos, the show ran very smoothly, but I’m not really into “slamming” designers… Therefore, in the words of the illustrious Thumper from Disney’s “Bambi,” “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” :)

Look for my “Style Diary” dropping soon on Shopcade!

Yacht performing at Project Ethos! :)

LA Fashion Week – Day 1 (Style Fashion Week, Nokia Live)

Bonjour mes chéris! It has been quite some time since my last update – but please bear with me, as I am going to start updating more frequently – or at the very least establish some sort of standard schedule for my posts…

So last week marked the return of LA Fashion Week – or LA Style Fashion Week (as it was officially designated the official LA Fashion Week a few weeks ago). Now usually I would have detailed coverage (and pictures) of each of the designers – as I did during my previous LAFW coverage on Lipstick, Lace & Lattes – but this year is slightly different, since I was appointed the official LA Fashion Week correspondent for Shopcade. This year, I didn’t focus as much on the actual designers as I did my “experience” of Fashion Week (the people I met, the qualities of the shows, the food I ate and my overall enjoyment).

Look for my “Style Diary” releasing soon on Shopcade – and in the meantime, please enjoy the pictures from Day 1 of Fashion Week at L.A. Live (which was a part of Style Fashion Week). Big thanks to Sarah + Erin (the producers of Style FW, who were also on my “Style of Social Media” panel for LA Social Media Week!

**For those interested, my velvet dress and beaded purse are vintage and thrifted (of course), as is 80% of the rest of my closet :)

**Love the black and white swimsuit by Sofia Palermo

Floral jumper by designer, Gregorio Sanchez

[Mon Style] Viva Saint Tropez!

As discussed in my previous post, [Au Cinema] On the Red Carpet – La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, my friend Jackie (of TgifGuide.com) and I were very inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s “Remember Now” short film (for Chanel) which we screened at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. I had seen bits and pieces of it before, but never in its entirety, and neither had Jackie. We were so inspired by the film that we pretended that we were in Saint Tropez for the rest of our weekend. The following pictures were inspired by our imagined foray in Karl Lagerfeld’s world… Hey, us girls can dream, can’t we?

The pictures in our long, flowing gowns were taken during (and after) our interview with The Stylist Handbook – and before we hit the La Jolla red carpet on the second day – and the causal ones were taken earlier that same day. Viva Saint Tropez!

Watch Karl Lagerfeld’s “Remember Now” below: