[Bon Appétit] “Champagne Blues & Brunch” at Steak ‘N Stein

Bonjour Cosmopolitans!

A couple weeks ago I was invited to join a group of bloggers to sample Steak ‘N Stein’s new “Champagne Blues & Brunch” special, and since I’m always in the mood for a good girl-power session via a new brunch spot – even more so if they have bottomless mimosas – I gladly accepted!

When I first walked into Steak N’ Stein I immediately noticed the decor, one because I’m a sucker for interior design, and two because the ambiance was right up my alley. Though it was bright outside, the lighting in the restaurant was dim and sultry, and the dark wood furniture contrasting against the muted red, orange and yellow colors, gave me a sense of being inside a hunting lodge or log cabin. The seating was spacious, which I can appreciate, and the live piano music was a nice touch.

I started off with bottomless mimosas (of course), and I chose to go with Steak N’ Stein’s “Sunrise,” which is pineapple juice, grenadine and champagne – a sweet twist on the traditional orange juice mimosa. Later on I switched to a Peach Bellini (peach purée and champagne), after my food came of course, and the Peach Bellini’s for the record, are not bottomless.

As an appetizer, we all shared the cabbage (which is made with a custom vignette), and which tasted delicious when paired with Steak N’ Stein’s cheese bread. I know, cabbage and cheese bread? Yes, I was skeptical about it too, but the waitress recommended I try it, and it was actually really good!

I opted for a fresh blueberry muffin as my starter, and the California omelet as my main course. Containing bacon, red onion, tomato, pepper jack, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, and topped with big slices of avocado and a side of country potatoes, the large portion more than filled what my little belly could eat. In all transparency, I scraped a lot of the cheese off, not because it wasn’t good, but because of my lactose intolerant status. Dairy products as such as cheese is usually no bueno for me.

To top it all off, I ordered the Banana Foster Bites, and again didn’t eat too much, but thoroughly enjoyed the nibbles of it I did have. All in all, I can say that I had a pleasant experience at Steak N’ Stein. Perhaps it would have been nice if the omelet had contained a bit more of the ingredients than egg, but that’s a very small critique on an otherwise amazing meal.

Brunch c/o Steak N’ Stein

Bella’s Bon Appétit Rating: 8/10

Clearman’s Steak N’ Stein
9545 E. Whittier Blvd.
Pico Rivera, CA 90660

[CAREER] Invaluable Salary Negotiation Tips I Learned At Levo League’s #Ask4More Workshop

“The goal is not to get a deal. The goal is to get a good deal. Getting a good deal is the desired outcome of a negotiation. Agreement is not. Every bad deal is a deal to which you have agreed.” ~Unknown

Bonjour cosmopolitans! Did you know that this past Tuesday, April 14th, was “Equal Pay Day?” According to TIME Magazine, “a new report says roughly 90% of companies will give raises this year, [and more than half of the companies responding to PayScales’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report say their main reason for giving raises is to reward performance; with 20% attributing the increased cost of living as the main reason they give raises.”

Image courtesy of Phys.org

Whether it’s asking for a raise, negotiating a salary and benefits for a new job; or coming to a terms with a potential client, having the confidence and resources to ask for more will not only help boost your career, but ensure that you are earning the pay you truly deserve.

Therefore, with the goal of helping others reach their highest level of professional excellence, I’d like to share a few negotiation gems I learned when I attended the “#Ask4More Negotiation Workshop” presented by Levo League – a growing community of professional women offering (and seeking) advice, inspiration, and tools to achieve their career goals – last week.

Hosted on the General Assembly campus in Santa Monica, and led by Levo League Los Angeles chapter leader Molly Stires, the workshop focused on equipping women with the knowledge and tools to negotiate their salaries and job offers, and bringing awareness to the fact that according to a 2015 Levo League survey, only 21% of women negotiate their first job offer directly out of school, and 51% did not know that they should negotiate an offer.

I was completely blown away by the advice I received, as well as the tips that I learned, and now I’m paying it forward, and sharing them with all of you. Read ahead to discover tips and tricks that may help you catapult your career, and feel free to leave a few gems of your own in the comments! I’d love to hear what other advice you may have for negotiations.

Image courtesy of SheKnows.com

Quick Negotiation Tips:

  • Never accept the first offer
  • Never be the first one to throw out a number
  • Say what you have to say and then let it sit. The more comfortable you are in an uncomfortable, “silent” space, the better you will do in negotiations
  • Don’t be scared to be uncomfortable
  • Read into the other person’s head. If you know what they want, then you can discuss how you can help them get there – and how you add value
  • Remember the worst thing someone can say is “no”
  • Engage with the other person. Look them in the face. It’s going to be scary, but don’t make yourself “small.” Pay attention to your body language
  • Always leave without “rippling the water”
  • Try not to smile. If you need to, look away
  • Dress Androgynous: Neutral colors, grays, and black
  • Don’t wear any loud, or clanging jewelry
  • Have a mental reason why you are negotiating. Use it to motivate yourself to get over emotional points, and to give yourself an extra incentive
  • Everything is negotiable. If it isn’t money, consider additional perks

Before You Go Into a Negotiation:

  • Always prepare what you are going to say, and make it sound reasonable.
  • Consider your unresolved issues: What are the things that will benefit from me from the sake of negotiation? What are the risks?
  • Understand that most of the time, your risks are perceived. Write them down, and weigh the benefits vs. risks. Pros vs. cons
  • Consider what is most important to other person on other side of table. Get into their head
  • Analyze the areas where you and your counterparts share the same interests. Find a way to meet in the middle
  • When asking for a raise, make a list of projects, tasks, and metrics that you can include in your conservation. Ex. Campaigns that did well, deals you were instrumental to closing
  • Consider other “package” options other than salary. Extra days off, flexible schedules, and telecommuting are other terms you can negotiate

Other Tips to Consider:

  • Training budgets are not always tied to salary caps. If you can’t negotiate a higher pay, consider pitching conferences that you can attend.
  • If you can receive training for free, you are adding to your skill set, which puts you in a position to receive bigger and better things
  • Keep your personal business strategies to yourself, family, and close friends

Negotiation Tricks:

  • When negotiating money, always start with an odd number. Its a psychology trick. The other person will always try to back you down to an even number. If your desired salary is 10k, say 13k
  • Always have a number in mind. What you want and what you will barely take. Think of negotiating as a boxing ring, you don’t want to end up against the ropes
  • Use verbal wordplay instead of throwing out a number. Its a competitive advantage to know where they are starting from. Let them name a number first. Sample phrases: “I’m negotiable,” or “Depending on the range, I’m really just focused on finding the right fit”

For more Career tips, check out other posts in the Career section of Love And Biscotti, and thanks again to Levo League for hosting an incredible workshop!

To learn more about Levo League, visit http://www.levo.com/

My Top 3 Travel Bucket List Destinations

We travel initially to lose ourselves; and we travel next, to find ourselves. We travel to open our hearts and eyes, and we travel to learn more about the world than our newspapers will accommodate. We travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed. And we travel, in essence, to become young fools again – to slow down time, get taken in, and fall in love once more.” ― Pico Iyer


Last week I had a conversation with a stranger I met in a coffee shop. As two writers drawn together by a love of caffeine and the quiet inspiration found in small cafes, we first began casually chatting about our work, and then the deep-seated passions that drew us to it. For me, my inner quest for knowledge and adventure has always fueled my wanderlust-filled travels, which in turn feeds my writing, and I often marvel at the beauty of actually living, traveling, and writing about my passions.

Therefore, when I heard about Transun’s contest offering one lucky winner a chance to see the Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) – I was excited at the idea of not only partaking in once in a lifetime activities (such as visiting a reindeer camp, joining a husky safari, and taking a snowmobile ride) – but also about writing and detailing my adventures, and sharing the beauty of a fascinating foreign land with the rest of the world.

In order to enter the contest, Transun is calling for a bucket list of each entrants’ top three travel destinations, and though it was difficult to limit it to just three, I managed to streamline my top picks.

Are you curious about what they are?! Scroll down to see!

1) The Arctic Circle:

Photo Credit: By Bjarne Riesto/Nordnorsk Reiseliv. Courtesy of Fjord Travel Norway

Far before I heard about this contest, I had dreams of experiencing one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenons (the Northern Lights) in the company of someone I love. I can’t think of a more romantic setting than nature’s miraculous, natural allure – and combined with the fact that it’s freezing (and you and your honey will have to huddle together for warmth) – the Arctic Circle offers a unique bonding experience unparalleled by any other couple’s destination.

2) Cape Town, South Africa

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Architecture of Life

If I were to travel to Cape Town, South Africa for no reason other than to photograph and personally experience the colorful architecture and romantic, cobble-stoned streets of the Bo-Kaap district, I would gladly undertake the cause. However, as the second largest city in South Africa, and the economic hub of the Western Cape Province, I would love to also explore the local culture, shop, and indulge in traditional cuisine via the local restaurants.

3) Riomaggiore, Italy

Photo Credit: Image couresy of Xpartan.es

Last, but definitely not least, I would visit Riomaggiore, Italy, which sits right on the edge of the sea (the Gulf of Genoa), and is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. With houses nuzzled deep into the cliffs, and resting directly above what looks like the bluest water in the world, I can only imagine the type of serenity which would result from tanning yourself atop a sailboat, and then spending your evenings dining on seafood, and immersing yourself within the local culture.

As I mentioned previously in the post, I would love the opportunity to experience the Northern Lights for myself, and this year, I’ll actually be traveling to London for Fall 2015 London Fashion Week. It would be such an honor to scratch this destination off my Bucket list, so hopefully Transun will see something wonderful in me, and grant my wish! Tweet them your thoughts at @Transun if you’re so inclined, and leave a comment below with your top three destinations. I’d love to hear from you!


[Career] Travel Noire Founder Zim Ugochukwu on Black Travel + Digital Nomads

Ever curious about the latest innovations, especially when it comes to pursuits surrounding my favorite niche communities of travel and entrepreneurism, I first heard about Travel Noire – an online website offering “resources for the unconventional traveler [by featuring the stories of individuals from the African diaspora, residing all over the globe, and sharing their love of culture and exploration” – over a year ago.

Since then, I’ve stayed in the mix, following Travel Noire and their founder, Zim Ugochukwu, on Twitter and Instagram, and even witnessed first hand Travel Noire’s scoop of the decade – when according to The Daily Beast, the site shared an “unbelievable fare glitch [which] priced round trip flights on Etihad Airways from select U.S. cities to Abu Dhabi as low as $187, nonstop, taxes and fees included.”

Although I didn’t take advantage of the offer, it was still exciting to hear from all of the lucky travelers who did, and watch in awe as the beacon of light illuminating travelers of color began to shine even brighter than before.

(Having an intimate discussion with Travel Noire Founder Zim Ugochukwu)

Needless to say, when I attended the RISE Women’s Empowerment Tour in Los Angeles last week, I was excited to catch up with Zim and have a conversation about the travel industry’s increasing interest in travelers of color, the future of digital nomads, and other related topics concerning entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Read ahead to check out our interview, and leave your comments below! I’m curious to hear your thoughts as well.

Bella: I’m glad that we got a chance to finally catch up. I’ve been following Travel Noire for awhile, and I was actually up on Christmas Eve right when you guys posted the glitch fare to Abu Dhabi. That was incredible!

Zim Ugochukwu: Did you get it?

Bella: No, I tried but as soon as I would enter all of my information, the flight would sell out. I kept searching for different dates, but I’ve already made plans to do some traveling this year, so it’s only a matter of time before I reach Dubai. However, that brings me to my first question. Within the past few months, I’ve noticed a huge increase in media and brand attention specifically on Black travel. Do you think that’s something the corporate travel industry is now specifically aiming for – in terms of ads and trying to get the Black community to spend dollars? I haven’t noticed much of this type of targeted marketing for people of color until recently. Have you noticed this trend?

Zim Ugochukwu: You definitely see targeting in other areas of media. Right? How many of the leading cast members in a lot of these reality shows are people of color? You think about clothing, you think about shoes, you think about music, and you think about how influential people of color are. But when it comes to travel, there’s a stereotype that people of color only travel to the Caribbean Islands, or Miami, or Atlanta, or Las Vegas, and what I really wanted to do (with Travel Noire) was show these brands and advertisers that its about representation. It’s all about representation. If I don’t see anybody who looks like me in an ad for a country that you want me to come to, its not at the top of the list for me. You know for Greece… Look at that balloon, just hanging in the sky, isn’t that cool. You see it?

*Editor’s Note: Earlier during the RISE Empowerment Tour, every woman that attended was asked to write her purpose/ intention of a sheet of paper, and then tie it to a balloon. Later on, we went outside and had a ceremony “releasing” our intentions into the universe. Zim was pointing to one of the balloons that was still floating in the air.

(Pictures by Love & Biscotti contributor, Asha Catling)

Bella: Oh it is!

Zim Ugochukwu: Yeah, its cool. Anyway, so last year Greece was named as one of the most racist destinations for people of color.

Bella: Wow.

Zim Ugochukw: And I mean Greece is a great place, its a great country, but a lot of people just cancelled their tickets based on that one article that came out. So what we did for the entire year of 2014 was to send writers out, and we had them chronicle their experiences in Greece. We launched Travel Noire TV with video from Zakynthos – which is an island in Greece. Now, to this day, Greece is one of the top destinations for people of color simply because they see people who look like them living there – living daily life on the Greek islands or in Athens – and that one article about Greece being a place that is not welcoming people of color is absolutely obsolete.

With what we did, you’re seeing somebody in real time, and you’re seeing an image of them living it up. You’re asking them about their personal experience, and it’s something that you know they talk about, and they reflect on, and I think a lot of brands are recognizing that if they’re not going to step up to the plate, and if they’re not representing different types of travelers, they’re going to loose.

Bella: Right.

Zim Ugochukwu: Its a 50 billion dollar market. And you know what? Marriott, who has a huge market share in the African American community, is one of the ones who wants to keep that up because they have to stay authentic, and they want to stay relevant. But, if The W Hotel or Star Wood wants a piece of that pie, then they know where to come. You know they know how to talk to influencers and things of that nature, but a lot people are just coming into the fold when they think about travel – and that it’s not only America.

Now, when you’re talking to like… For instance, I was just in Thailand telling this same story – its a different kind of experience. I was sitting in the room with the government, and they a had a beautiful video laid out, with all these people, and all of the tourists were white men. It’s just getting to that level where you understand that there’s a different kind of traveler, and it’s something that we’re working on every single day. In the next five to ten years, you’re definitely going to see a shift in the way that things are marketed.

(Balloon/ Intention Releasing Ceremony during the RISE Women’s Empowerment Tour)

Bella: That’s a great lead in to my next question. I’m marketing consultant, and I’m also a writer. So for the past couple of years, what I’ve basically seen – even in myself – is a gradual transition into “digital nomadness.” At this point, I’m about eighty percent digital nomad, which means I don’t need a physical location, and I read in Forbes that by the year 2020, fifty percent of the U.S. workforce will be freelance workers or independent contractors. Keeping this in mind, and the way business is transitioning, how do you think that this will effect young people that are traveling?

Zim Ugochukwu: I think that… I’m such a huge fan of the movement. I think Tim Ferriss, when he came out with the four hour work week, and some of the other people that I really admire and look towards, I think that in order for corporate companies to keep younger talent – millennials – they’re going to have to be flexible. You’re going to have to build in remote days, you’re going to have to build in flex days, you’re going to have to build in vacation days, and you’re going to have to come up to fold because if you have two jobs that are paying the same rate and the other only requires you to be in the office twice a week, I’m taking that. I’m taking the twice a week job so I can travel, so I can live my life, and so that I can create balance between my family and my work life.

You also have a lot of the hubs that are popping up like Columbia, Chiang Mai, and Thailand that are hubs for digital nomads because the cost of living is so low. In Chiang Mai, you can get an apartment for $300, and the internet is super fast, and people are transitioning to other countries because the cost of living is lower, and they’re able to do more. However, when you’re thinking about working with teams, Asia isn’t as conducive because its a twelve hour time difference. So if you’re trying to communicate with your team, you’re either staying up super late at night, or you’re waking up super early in the morning. So you’re finding that a lot of people who are in that six to eight hour range, the end of their night is the start of the work day. So I think that as we move into this remote workforce, it’s only going to work in our favor.

As millennials, I think there was statistic a couple of years ago, and I don’t know if it’s still accurate today, but by the time a millennial is 32, they will have had nine jobs.

Bella: That’s so true. I read that too.

Zim Ugochukwu: So if we’re already transitioning jobs because we want to live more meaningful and more purposeful lives then travel is going to naturally fit within all of that.

Bella: Speaking specifically in terms of people of color, and in terms of the Forbes’ article, when I brought that statistic up (fifty percent of the U.S. workforce transitioning to freelancers) to one of my mentors, he said the problem is that a lot people of color are going to be left behind or simply out of work when this happens. He said that having to be completely in control of your career and budget, as opposed to getting a job and showing up for work, is going to create huge obstacles for the minority group. What are your thoughts on this?

Zim Ugochukwu: Yeah. I mean, it’s still a new concept. The idea that I don’t necessarily have to be somewhere expected, and I can set my own term and agenda, but at the same time I still have to be responsible for my own work. That’s still fairly new, and when you think about the workforce today, its very roped, its nine to five, clock in, clock out, and this is my job. There’s definitely advantages that haven’t been afforded to people of color and I think that, I don’t know. I mean I could go into the answer for days and days and days. And its not one simple answer. You know it goes way back, its a lot deeper than both you and I realize…

Editor’s Note: Right at this moment, Zim and I had our conversation interrupted (very politely of course), because Zim was needed back at the RISE Empowerment Tour to take pictures for the panelist’s group photos. It’s probably a good thing that we were, because as Zim mentioned, the last topic at hand was and/or is probably a lot bigger than we both realize, and we probably could have talked about the current state of affairs of people of color for hours. Though short, our conversation was very succinct, and I’m glad that we had the opportunity to have a meeting of the minds.

With that said, I would love to hear from you readers regarding what you just read. Do you have any thoughts about the transitioning freelance workforce? Or perhaps the growing worldwide, digital nomad community, or even the travel industry in general? I’d love to hear from you!

xo, Bella Continue reading

5 Inspiring Quotes on Career + Entrepreneurship from the RISE Women Empowerment Tour

As I walked towards the Downtown Independent building, unsure of what to expect, yet excited at the prospect of meeting and learning from other successful, female entrepreneurs of color, I noticed another woman walking towards me – and seemingly headed in the same direction as I.

As we approached each other, the woman suddenly smiled, extended her hand and introduced herself as a media personality (not dissimilar to myself) who was also in route to attend the RISE Women’s Empowerment Tour. As we entered the building, we split up to check in at the media desk, and again, I was greeted by other smiling female faces in all shades of brown (from the lightest to darkest of melanin), and as I returned the smiles I received – basking in the room’s good energy – I knew that I had come to the right place, and that the day was going to be even greater than I had imagined.

The RISE Women Empowerment Tour, founded by Alikay Naturals CEO Rochelle Graham and Angela Walker, a D.C. native, owner of N Natural Hair Studio, and founder of The Naturalista Hair (Consumer) Show, Natural Hair Nstitute, and The Natural Hair Industry professional convention — aims to “provide a business platform to help female entrepreneurs and small business owners find the resources needed to build their brand in the competitive fashion, beauty and wellness space, while also giving them an opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience.”

(Left to Right: Kanika Nikki Utley, Rochelle Graham, Zim Ugochukwu, Angela Walker, Miss Dunnie O, Melissa Hibbert )

As a creative professional, I regularly attend quite a few networking events and conventions, but what particularly stood out to me about RISE was the level of positive and electric energy given off by not only the panelists and tour coordinators, but the attendees as well.

(At the end of the panel, each attendee was given a card to write her dreams/ intentions on, and we walked outside, tied our cards to balloons, and let our dreams RISE)

On each tour stop, the local panelists change, and so in addition to Rochelle Graham and Angela Walker, Los Angeles attendees also had the opportunity to hear from:

Miss Dunnie O – Special Events Producer (of whose Power Brunch LA event Love & Biscotti had the honor of being a media sponsor. See event coverage *here*)
Kanika Nikki Utley – Fitness Personality/Motivational Speaker, and Publisher of BFW Magazine
Melissa Hibbert – Creator of SHEEQ Cosmetics
Zim Ugochukwu – Creator of Travel Noire

Hearing the heartfelt stories (and even witnessing a few tears) from each of the panelists, was not only inspiring to hear, but also resonated with every woman in the room because through learning about these women as people AND businesswomen, it opened the door for other women to see (and achieve) that same greatness within themselves.

Really, the experience in itself was inspiring enough, but I decided to gather 5 of the most inspiring quotes from the panelists on the RISE Women’s Empowerment Tour, and share them with you all!

(Me, heading to release my intentions)

Check back next week for the following interviews:
*RISE’s founders Angela Walker and Rochelle Graham on entreprenuerism and how to better care for your natural hair
*Miss Dunnie O on finding love as a woman of color and balancing it with your career
*Zim Ugochukwu on the future of Black travel and the global digital nomad phenomenon

(Me, between Angela Walker and Rochelle Graham)

5 Inspiring Quotes on Career + Entrepreneurship from the RISE Women Empowerment Tour

1) When To Make the Jump to Pursue Your Dream Full-Time:

“When you can say at least fifty to sixty percent of the income that you’re currently making is from your side hustle, your extra business, or your passion, [that is when you can make the transition to pursuing your dreams fulls time]. When you’re able to match at least sixty percent, then I would say that you’re safe enough to make the jump because guess what? That other forty percent that you’re not making, when you go full time with your hustle, you can make that up. And more. So jump in.” – Rochelle Graham

2) Three Lessons to Achieve Your Vision:

My three lessons to all of you that I have learned on my Rise Journey is you got to have a vision. Wake up everyday with a vision, visualizing what it is you want to do. Visualize it, and let it be your purpose to Rise everyday. So number one, have a vision. Number two, trust yourself. Believe me, if I didn’t trust that I could execute my vision, and if I didn’t believe that I could execute this vision, none of this would have happened, and I wouldn’t be standing here before you today. So trust yourself, no matter what anyone says. No matter what is in your head – that script that’s rolling through your head sometimes like no, you can’t do that, yes you can. Flip the script, and trust yourself. And third, face your fears. I was at a cross road in my life because I was afraid, and I was afraid to fail. So don’t be afraid to face your fears. Face your fears and you will Rise. Do the one the thing that you are afraid of and you will Rise.” – Kanika Utley

3) Get a Mentor:

“Mentorship is so important. For me, having mentors in my life has been major, and if there is someone in the industry that you admire or that you may feel is out of reach, still reach out to them because I don’t know if anyone is familiar with Diann Valentine, she’s a celebrity event planner, but I found out about her when I was in college actually. I found about who she was, and I was like who is this Black lady planning all of these fabulous weddings and events, and she’s so beautiful and so great. So I sent her an email, I told her who I was, and that I was really interested in pursuing what is it that she did. As faith would have it, she wrote me back, and basically told me whatever it is that you want to do, you just have to start. Sometimes you may want things like an internship or the opportunity to do something, and sometimes the answer will be no. But that doesn’t mean that they’re discouraging you, maybe they really don’t have time. Just take whatever piece of advice that they give you and go with it.” – Miss Dunnie O

4) Follow Your Heart:

“A lot people come to me with their ideas and they say hey, you know, I have X, Y, and Z, should I do it? If it’s on your heart, and if its something that you’ve researched, if its something that you’ve studied, if you’ve done the work and you really believe that there is something out there for what you’re working on, just do it.” – Zim Ugochukwu

5) Don’t Compare Your Life to Others:

“It is absolutely possible to have anything that you want, but you have to do it on your terms. So if you try to compare, again like I said earlier in my speech, your life to someone else’s Instagram, what you think their life might be or whatever the case might not be true because half the time, that’s not even their truth.” – Melissa Hibbert

For more about the RISE Women Empowerment Tour, visit www.riseempowerment.com/

Pictures by Love & Biscotti contributor, Asha Catling

LA Style Fashion Week – Day 3

By Photo Contributor Dwayne Jenkins

Check out some of last Thursday’s best highlights from Style Fashion Week! Featuring designers Ophelia Song, Coco Johnsen, Tatiana Shabelnik, and Latrosdectus Lingerie!

[Bon Appétit] Doughnut Plant – Chelsea, NYC

“New mysteries. New day. Fresh doughnuts.” – David Lynch

Last month while I was in New York for Fashion Week, I managed to set aside some personal time to hang out with friends and explore the city. I’m known amongst my friends to have a notorious sweet tooth, so when my friend Chavonne suggested we meet up at Doughnut Plant in Chelsea, I was all for it.

Known for its creative flavors, “Jelly-Filled Square Doughnut”™, passed-down family doughnut recipe, and glazes which incorporate fresh seasonal fruit and roasted nuts, Doughnut Plant has become one of New York’s most popular doughnut destinations. Personally, what I loved the most was not only the doughnuts (review further down), but the venue’s interior design and customer service as well.

I’m a sucker for color (and open spaces which incorporate lots of of natural light), and Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea location merges both of these qualities very well. The walls are pristine white, and hanging on the walls are colorful doughnut pillows that look just as delicious as the real doughnuts taste. There isn’t a lot of seating space inside, and it was crazy packed, but I got the feeling that it’s more of a stop-and-go spot anyway, with most people taking their treats and beverages to go.

While I was talking to the cashier and trying to figure out which doughnut to order, somehow the topic of my visiting New York for the first time (and my being from California) popped up, and I discovered that the cashier was also a Cali native. He was really excited to see someone from his home city (Long Beach), and ended up hooking me up with two of Doughnut Plant’s most popular doughnuts – on top of the doughnut and coffee that I purchased. It’s genuine interactions like that which make experiences in new places memorable, and I think it was really cool of the cashier to be so nice to a girl in a new city. Thank you cashier, and forgive me for not remembering your name! That’s what I call amazing customer service!

As far as the doughnuts, each doughnut at Doughnut Plant is eggs, preservative, trans fat, and artificial ingredient/ color free (which I can certainly appreciate), and the flavors I selected that day were:

• Tres Leches — a sweet “three milks” cake, delivered in Doughnut Plant’s round cake doughnut
• Crème Brûlée — a “Doughseed” treat, which is one of Doughnut Plant’s mini, round filled doughnuts
• Honey with Bee Pollen — another “Doughseed” treat filled with honey

(Left to Right: Crème Brûlée, Honey with Bee Pollen, and Tres Leches)

The coffee I ordered was simple (black), which of course, I doctored up with Splenda, and all of the doughnuts were fresh and tasty. Out of the three, I would probably say I liked the Crème Brûlée the best, which makes sense since Doughnut Plant boasts of being “the creator of the world’s first Crème Brûlée doughnut” – thus making it their specialty. The freshness of each doughnut cannot be stressed enough, and each literally melted in my mouth.

From atmosphere to customer service, to product, I can say that Doughnut Plant definitely has all of their bases covered, and it will definitely be on my list of staples to revisit the next time I’m in NYC.

Bella’s Bon Appétit Rating: 10/10

Doughnut Plant, Hotel Chelsea

220 W 23rd St
New York, NY 10011
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[SAVE THE DATE] Receiving a “Warrior Makeover” on March 4th by Hidden Warriors During OC Fashion Week!

As many of you may already know, when I was 19, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – a Life-changing event of epic proportions (and of which, only five percent survive). For the next year and a half, my Life was spent undergoing (and recovering) from two surgeries, and as a result, I suffered from depression, and a number of self-esteem and body image issues that I have since learned to deal with.

Photographer: Dwayne Jenkins, Styling by Me

However, this post is not about my experience with cancer (though if you’re curious, you can read more *here*), it’s about an innovative non-profit organization organization called “Hidden Warriors,” which “[works cooperatively with avant-garde makeup artists, stylists, costume creators, yoga and meditation instructors, occupational therapists, and other creative volunteers and organizations, to provide free “warrior makeovers” to women who have been affected by cancer.] These makeover experiences are designed to increase self-esteem and confidence, reduce stress, and empower women in the fight for their lives.”

One of Hidden Warriors’ “Warrior Makeovers”

I am very pleased to announce that I was selected by Hidden Warriors to receive a “Warrior Makeover” which will take place on a glass catwalk during OC Fashion Week on March 4, 2015!!

Not only will I walk down a runway with my fellow cancer-surviving lady warriors, but this event will give me a chance to continue to inspire other cancer survivors (and those currently battling cancer) to embrace their beauty, strengths, and passions, and prove that Life after cancer can be beautiful beyond imagination.

To be a part of something that validates and uplifts cancer survivors in such a moving, and beautifully, creative way is an absolute honor, and I hope that you all will join us during OC Fashion Week as I grace the Avant-Garde glass catwalk!

The event will take place at AnQi Gourmet Bistro & Noodle Bar in Costa Mesa (at the South Coast Plaza), and the show starts at 10pm.

Watch the Hidden Warriors promotional video below:

Editor’s Note: Heartfelt thanks to Hidden Warriors’ creator Marlene Sarli for having such an amazing spirit and vision, and for including me in on it! I can’t wait to let my “Hidden Warrior” inside, shine on the outside!

To purchase a ticket to the event or for more information on OC Fashion Week, visit:

The Hidden Warriors Mission:
By using multiple therapeutic modalities, Hidden Warriors aims to increase self-esteem in and empower women who have been affected by cancer. We will create an experiential and transformative adventure which will tap into the Hidden Warriors they already are.

With help from professional make-up artists, photographers, designers, yoga instructors, occupational therapists, headdress makers and other creatives, we will use various headdresses and face paint to tap into their Hidden Warrior powers. We will photograph and document the process of transforming their mood and body language. These photographs will then be presented at a series of gallery shows and published in book form and ultimately into a short documentary. We will be scaling the project to the New York City and tri-state areas, then nation-wide, and eventually worldwide. This therapy has the potential to benefit many groups of people, including victims of domestic violence, children in foster care, people suffering with low self-esteem, anxiety and/or depression, etc. It is limitless!


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