[Musique] FKA Twigs Featured in January 2015 Vogue as its “Breakout Star”

I typically never feature Editorials here – unless of course, its my own personal work – but I am completely enamored with this lovely little creature the world calls FKA Twigs. I saw her in concert just a month ago – it was one of my Birthday presents actually – and this little sweetheart (and her album, LP1) are nothing short of amazing!

Now it seems that lovely little FKA Twigs has been featured in January’s new issue of Vogue as it’s “Breakout Star.” Very tres chic, and somewhat reminiscent of Lisa Bonet. There is something about this girl that I truly love. Enjoy the images and read Twigs Vogue interview *here*.

P.S. A special treat ;) Check out this video I recorded of her performing live at Regent Theatre in L.A.

I Love Her! ❤️ #FKATwigs

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And Stream her album, LP1. Enjoy!


Capital One #WishForOthers: Send my Mother to Paris!

When I was sick in the hospital, fighting for my life to beat pancreatic cancer, my mom Gretta never left my side. From spending the night in cold hospital rooms and uncomfortable metal chairs (so that I’d never wake up alone) to rushing off to work and then home to take care of my younger sister – only to return a few hours later – she made sacrifices for me that I can never repay.


Not only is she completely selfless, her compassionate heart often compels her to neglect taking care of herself so that she can care for others. As a CNA (nurse) and a beautician, my mother devotes her life to making other people feel accommodated and loved. She often tells me wonderful stories about the elderly patients whose lives she brightens at the nursing home she works for, as well as tales of how via hair-styling, she increases the confidence and self-worth of the clients that visit her. She’s raised two daughters all on her own – my sister and myself – and hasn’t taken a vacation in over 30 years. Most times when I try to alleviate some of her responsibilities, or even present her with gifts, she doesn’t accept them – and urges me to use my money to help myself instead. Even with a heart of gold, there isn’t much that I have been able to do for my mother and is why I am asking Capital One to help me grant her one wish this Christmas as a repayment for all of the beautiful energy she has bestowed upon the world.



Even though my mom has never been out of the country, or even out of state, she has always dreamed of traveling to Paris – the world’s fashion capital. Capital One, this year please grant my #WishForOthers and send my mother, my sister and I to Paris via the “Social Small or Medium Wish Prize! It would mean THE WORLD to my mother – and I would love to be able to put a smile on my mother’s beautiful face!

My beautiful, caring and compassionate mom and I :)

Bella – a loving daughter

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[Mon Poetry] Creatures of the Night

I wrote this during the twilight hour after a long, blistering winter night – or as close to “blistering” as L.A. could possibly ever be… I had been traipsing the streets, floating from one holiday party to the next, with a few kindred spirits… Three of a kind, were we, my kindreds and I… xo

Photo Credit: Unknown.

“Creatures of the Night” – © Brittany “Bella” Graham (12.07.14)

We are creatures of the night
Transitioning the dusk until the light,
Sophisticated cosmopolitans,
Looking for an outlet to dump our knowledge in,
Skyrocketing across the universe
We live on the edge and don’t rehearse,
Nor do we retrace our steps
We drown in the truth of our oceans depths,
Setting sail, all aboard
Thinkers, yogis, scholars, whores,
Questioning to sit upon God’s knee
Our minds, our hearts, our souls, all three

[NEWS] I’m a Finalist in the #WolfordFashionGirl Contest! HELP ME WIN!

Update 12. 20. 14: Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I didn’t make it into the top five round but I am grateful to everyone that voted and to Wolford for the opportunity. xo

Bonjour Loves! I have exciting news! Yours truly has just been selected as one of the 50 finalists for the #WOLFORDFASHIONGIRL CONTEST!

Now I need your help to win – and all is takes is one simple vote!


“Perfection exists in the eye of the beholder – and mine lives in finding the balance between femininity + power, between love + sex, and between ambition and mindfulness. We are what we obsess, and I indulge in sensuality in excess.” – Brittany “Bella” Graham


A few weeks ago, entrants to the contest were asked to post an image of “their vision, portrait or interpretation of the “Wolford Fashion Girl” (with the hashtag #WolfordFashionGirl) to their Instagram account. Naturally I couldn’t resist entering. Aside from being one of my most admired brands for their sexy and sophisticated luxury hosiery, tights, stockings and lingerie, I also love what the company stands for – their brand message.

Wolford celebrates enhancing the sensuality of all women, and their creativity and innovation even spans the genre of fine (and slightly erotic) literature – an art I both admire and appreciate. In September, Wolford released a free e-book “UpdateYourLegs,” which featured “four stories on the edge of sensuality” by four young writers. The four tales – unfolding between the alleys of an enchanted Venice, the glass hi-tech buildings of the new Milan, the charming bistros of the Marais in Paris and in a surreal Rome – weaved together by a single thread: women’s’ legs – and the hosiery that beautifies them.

Wolford oozes cultivated independence, witty conversations, confident sensuality and a cosmopolitan mindset, and my cosmopolitan existence craves the chance to become one of their brand ambassadors!

Model: Yours Truly, Photographer: Dana Itani

The Grand Prize Winner of the #WolfordFashionGirl will receive:

  • A weekend trip to London for two people, including accommodation of 2 nights and economy-class flight.
  • A voucher worth 1000 EUR, to redeem in the Wolford boutiques or online shop.

I would absolutely love to WIN this contest and live out my London dreams!

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! *CLICK HERE* to vote. Scroll down until you see the picture of my stockinged legs in the pink dress, and then click it to vote. Merci!

The women’s legs are compasses spanning the globe in all directions, giving it balance and harmony”  – Francois Truffaut

xo, Bella

[Mon Poetry] Cop-per Bullets

I wrote this back in September, and in honor of Eric Garner – killed by the NYPD – I am releasing it today… Black lives DO Matter.

blackhands (2)
Artist unknown

“Cop-per Bullets” – © Brittany “Bella” Graham (September 2014)

When cop-per bullets desecrate young, black flesh
The oppressed, then address, whose son will be next?
Bullets to the blue sky; there’s a mob filled with threats,
For the sobbing, young mother in her cop-robbed nest

Police keep their dogs on a leash, but who’s the real beast?
When children get murdered for being Black in the streets
“Suspicious” characters get courted, then asked for I.D.
But is this a struggle with the law or a Black identity?

Only two days from the date; different body, same slate
Different time, different place, but still the same race,
August 11th marked the Watts, never far from our thoughts
Rodney King to Mike Brown, Young Blacks brought down

Fruitvale was Oscar Grant and N-Y was Sean Bell,
Florida was Trayvon- and though not a cop, you couldn’t tell-
Zimmerman anything. because “they all get away”
And whether or not the crime is real, they’re all here to pay,

Bigotry begets slaughter, and unpunished sins lead to riots,
When questions go unanswered, raised fists replace the silence
Shall it be Malcolm’s “By any means” or Martin’s “Non-violence?”
So unattached from this country, we feel like a floating island…

Unattached to the mainland; floating in a state of disarray
Never questioning for a moment whether we’ll see it another day,
When no one’s there to listen, the people will find another way
After all, we have no choice; we might just die tomorrow on our way…

American Horror Story Movie Night: Wild Oats’ Offers Perfect Snacks!

In my early twenties, the amount of time I spent with my girlfriends was probably akin to that of a Siamese twin. We attended college classes, studied, and partied on the weekends (and some weeknights) together, as well as hosted kickbacks, and even double dated with hot sets of friends. Unfortunately, as we’ve gotten older, and the responsibilities of life – i.e. careers, husbands and babies (not me, not yet!) –have taken prominence over “girl-time,” we haven’t been able to catch up as often. Occasionally, my friends who work in Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Entertainment and I will run into each other at events, but it’s a bit harder to coordinate with my best friend who’s an RN.

However, last week, as I was watching one of my favorite T.V. shows (American Horror Story), I had an epiphany: Why not gather my gal pals for a weekly screening party at my house?! Everyone can come as they are – still in work clothes or even in theme (kidding) – and I’ll have delicious, healthy and easy-to-make foods to snack on.


For my first screening party, I plan to make a variety of easy, healthy and delicious appetizers – and since Fresh & Easy recently introduced a few new Wild Oats products under the Wild Oats label, I’ve decided to scoop up a couple.

Scroll down to check out two of the Wild Oats offerings that I’ll be serving at my party. Both are available at your local Fresh & Easy store. Click here to locate one in your area.

Wild Oats Organic Margherita Pizza (not pictured)


Made with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and kale pesto sauce, this pizza is the perfect snack for both my meat-eating and vegetarian friends. To make the most of the pizza, I’ll probably slice them into tiny squares for finger-food-like bites. At $8.49, the price is great and perfect for a low-key night.

Wild Oats Organic Mediterranean Veggie Wraps (not pictured)

Image courtesy of Food à la Fac

Containing beans, red lentils, roasted bell peppers, and a basil pesto sauce wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, these veggies wraps are delicious – and affordable! For $4.99, I can get 3-4 of these tasty babies, cut them in sections and voila – instant snack!

I’ll probably wash these tasty offerings down with wine (my drink of choice), and I can’t wait to indulge and snack with all my girls for the next American Horror Story: Freakshow episode!

Feel free to leave comments about additional appetizers that would make a great round out for our girl’s night!

For more on Fresh & Easy visit http://www.FreshAndEasy.com/

For more on Wild Oats, visit http://WildOats.com

*This is a Fresh & Easy sponsored post

[The Scene] LAFW: Art Hearts Fashion

Written By: Bella Graham
Photographer Dana Itani

Bonjour mes amours! Last week I headed out to a brand new fashion platform – Art Hearts Fashion – and had an absolute exquisite time catching up with friends, and fawning over all of the newest designer collections.

Model for MT Costello

Although there were dozens of designers amidst the sparkling garden fountains and opulent chandeliers at the Taglyan, there were five designers in particular that really shined above the rest. During this two-day, packed-to-the-rafters event for LA Fashion Week – models for Michael CostelloR. Michel’le, MT Costello (Stephanie Costello’s line in collaboration with brother Michael Costello), Sachika, and Jaime Elyse descended upon the runway in a flurry of glittering fabrics; lace and feminine designs.

WNBA baller Skylar Diggins graced the runway during the MT Costello show, and the Sachika twins emerged at the end of their presentation adorned with angel’s wings.

Skylar Diggins (front) modeling for MT Costello

Michael Costello

However, the real show-stealer (and close-out) was Michael Costello, who debuted his most brilliant and iconic collection to date. The devastating beauty of the designer’s custom gowns captivated everyone watching, and cheers erupted from the crowd with every piece.

Michael Costello

Check out pictures of some of my favorite designs below – and leave comments about your favorites! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With my friends, celebrity stylists Eric Burns and Sonique

**All pictures taken by my assistant + photographer Dana Itani

Michael Costello:

R. Michel’le:

MT Costello:


Jaime Elyse: